4th Feb 2018 – categorising

A few weeks ago, W sent off a competition entry (written herself with a little help) from a magazine… and won. She was really pleased to receive this Floor Jigsaw Puzzle in the post. It was a great surprise and has also spurred her on to write competition entries again. I was careful to explain to her that she won’t win all the time, but she was happy with that. It was a two-sided jigsaw – one side was a picture and the other was the same picture in outline, so that it can be coloured in. W spent a happy half an hour colouring the picture after she had put it together.

Wednesday was a day for categorizing Shopkins again. This time, W wanted to categorise them by type, such as Bakery, gardening, fruit and veg etc. She is really enjoying putting things in order and arranging them in certain ways at the moment. It was no surprise then that she chose this Orchard Toys Where’s my Cupcake? Game before bedtime that day, which is great for working on her matching and categorising skills.

The next day was a day to get out the Hama Beads. These are really good for helping with W’s fine motor skills. She used to like making her own patterns, but right now is really keen on following a template and is very particular at putting the right colours in the right places. Her current favourites are cars and unicorns.

W later found a colouring-in sheet in one of her magazines that had an example picture next to it of where the colours should go. She followed it very carefully and coloured inside the lines better than she has done before. She was really proud of the result and we put it on display as she had put so much effort in and spent a long time on perfecting it.

I’m keen for your thoughts on this one – having a picture to follow when colouring-in is great for learning to follow patterns and instructions…. but there is much less creativity involved this way. Do your children prefer a blank piece of paper to draw freely or do they prefer to follow a design made by others?

W later read a short book very well, with just a bit of help with a couple of capital letters. She knows all the lower-case letters of the alphabet and is just starting to put them together to make words.

We have also been working on numeracy too as we played lots of board games that included counting and adding numbers together. When we have a board game that needs two dice, W likes to add the two numbers together herself.

More maths was required when she helped to bake a cake. She read the numbers on the scales and measured quantities of ingredients…. and of course, got to lick the spoon.

For the rest of the week, W was very helpful indeed at tidying the garden, cleaning and packing boxes reading for our imminent house move (detailed next week).